Wednesday, October 18, 2006

use it before you loose it!

in the past 4 years i use to write for some web sites like , , , .
Im doing this today too , but after the " building of my Jazzmotel" i decide to concentrate all this thinking in one or 2 " containers ".
Thats why from today you will find some of my works , reviews and interviews directly inside this Motel.
the reason why i started this thing was to make the people know what i spent years to know , from my JAZID POSSE beginning in 1990 passing throught THE SOUL BEAT till BE-BOP .
You will find records reviews , thinkful thinkings and interviews made by me to artists , friends and idols like Alan Hawkshaw , DR Lonnie Smith , Brian Auger , Harvey Averne , Larry Harlow , Joe Bataan , Azymuth , Airto Moreira , Keith Mansfield and more ....
so put this Motel on your favourites and read it once a week .
Use it before you loose it .
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