Saturday, April 14, 2007

introducing the Ramp

In 1964 RAMP's guitarist Landy Shores was at Hughes High, while RAMP's drummer and bandleader, John Manuel was a sophomore at nearby Walnut Hills. 
At that time they formed the Ragals , rehearsing in Manuel’s basement.
After some years they came into contact with the Spinners and became their Rhythm section.
In 1975 John Manuel formed the Saturday Night Special who were the Ramp archetype. Now all the group needed was some vocalists .
Sibel Thrasher and Sharon Matthews were the right ones for his band .
Now the group was complete and they launched their signature for the version of "Sweet Thing" by Rufus & Chaka Khan.
After that, one night in 1976 they came across Roy Ayers who after seeing them play live said "They had a togetherness about them that just worked,"

They changed their name into RAMP and started doing a lot of gigs in New York and other places together with Roy Ayers’ Ubiquity and experienced a pretty good period of fame.
A Ramp lp was due and people were waiting for it...
After a contract with ABC Records Ayers produced their album called "Come into Knowledge" but ABC records didn’t promoted it very well because of some kind of internal problem.
After a year of concerts everybody went their separate ways and the story finished...
In 1989 a Hip Hop Band called “A Tribe Called Quest " sampled the intro from a " Come into Knowledge" song called " Daylight " and the rest is history.

Today everybody is looking for the RAMP Lp and songs like "Daylight ", the Roy Ayers’ Ubiquity version of “Everybody Loves The Sunshine " or " I Just Love You " are more than ever considered worthy .
Their sound is very fresh and cool !
Now “ Everybody loves the Ramp!”

.....And they are still performing today ...

The Ramp are:

John Manuel (Drums and Percussion)

Sharon Matthews (Lead Vocals)

Sibel Thrasher (Lead Vocals)

Nate White (Bass)

and Landy Shores (Guitar
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